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Head To Toe Healing

Head To Toe Healing

Looking for Reflexology Treatments, Reiki and Energy Medicine or Massage Therapy in Ripon? - then I can help!

I’m Jane, an Holistic Therapist here for anyone who wants to take personal charge of their health. I support people committed to achieving maximum health and well-being in everyday life in their mind, body, and spirit.

Reflexology in Ripon, Reiki and Energy Medicine in Ripon and Massage Therapy in Ripon are great for relaxation and can give the mind and body spiritual refreshment.

Head To Toe Healing


Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands. This is done using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques without the use of oils or lotions.


Head To Toe Healing

Reiki and Energy Medicine

Reiki is a Japanese form of alternative medicine called energy healing. Reiki practitioners use a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing through the palms of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.


Head To Toe Healing

Massage Therapy

Massage is the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues commonly applied with hands, fingers or elbows and involve different movements and pressures being applied to the skin.The purpose of massage is generally for the treatment of body stress or pain and for relaxation.

Head To Toe Healing


The human body is a delicately balanced machine. Each session is unique

and tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a personalised
experience to provide you with the maximum healing benefit.
Let me calm your mind. Improve sleep and reduce fatigue.
Improve concentration and focus. Reduce headaches and pain.
Support you to manage stress and anxiety.
Boost immunity and help you recover.
Pamper and rejuvenate.
It’s time for you to feel your best everyday.
Shall we start your wellness journey today?



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We’re easy to find on Mallorie Park Drive, Ripon. HG4 2QF
Easy parking and easy walk to town centre.

Head To Toe Healing Ripon for all your Holistic Therapy.

Reflexology, Reiki and Energy Medicine,  Massage Therapy and more.

Mallorie Park Drive, Ripon, North Yorkshire

Head To Toe Healing

What People Are Saying

After sustaining a back injury I was lucky enough to find Jane’s website online. Regular reflexology treatments in calming surroundings have set me on a path to health with the added bonus (through talks with Jane ) of a calmer and more positive mindset

Jane’s professional and informative manner has definitely brought the realisation of the importance of self care and I continue to have regular treatments as part of my ongoing wellness routine.

I can absolutely recommend Jane’s treatments without hesitation !!

— JS

A Friendly Space Dedicated To Your Care & Wellbeing

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