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About Me - Jane

I am a former nurse now specialising in Reflexology Treatments, Reiki and Energy Medicine and Massage Therapy in Ripon. I believe you can change your health & well-being with the right support. I believe that you can overcome challenges and take back control of your life.
I believe it because I have done it & taken charge of my health!
My whole life I have been drawn to helping people. The truth is, I was at the peak of my career when I was stopped in my tracks by my physical health. I went into a state of despair. I realised that if I wanted to live, I had to approach healing differently.

Through my own struggle and a successful journey back to health, I realised that what I have learnt in my life I want to share with others. I retired from nursing, picked myself up, changed my diet, read books, did courses and reinvented myself. Now I am transformed enjoying my life – balanced and calm, connected to spirit and my true nature.

I believe in me and I believe in you!

Allow me to support you by listening to you and creating a unique treatment plan that is bespoke combining traditional medicine and holistic therapies. so together we achieve your maximum wellness.

Head to Toe Healing, naturally.

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