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Indian Head Massage

This ancient massage focuses on head, shoulders, neck and scalp. It is a seated deep tissue massage using a variety of pressure and techniques focussing on the three higher chakras. The results are freeing up energy felt on a mental physical and spiritual level.


Massage and use of different massage techniques to stimulate blood flow, encourage skin reproduction and heal aching muscles. Combining Aromatherapy oils into this holistic healing treatment using therapeutic natural plant extracts to promote health and well – being.  100% organic and ethical oils.

Touch Therapy

These advanced adaptations can be used during either of the above treatments. Slow gentle rhythmical movements allow the body to access a deeply relaxed state. Touch Therapy is ideal for anyone experiencing stress, depression or anxiety.
Touch therapy methods are approved safe therapy for anyone receiving medical treatments, specifically for cancer including metastases or recent remission. Touch Therapy is safe to perform on individuals living with or at risk of lymphoedema. This is also the case for other life limiting conditions as the movements do not stimulate the body instead they access the healing response.


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